Blue Hour Observatory
Collective color perception experiment by Lara Mehling and Ludwig Berger
>Released as audio piece with article at trans magazin.

Nur Hunde laufen so als wüssten sie wohin
Soundwalk by Ludwig Berger, Florian Fischer and Kristof van Bowen (60 min)
>Comissioned by Staatstheater Braunschweig


You will have been here
Augmented temporality installation for a room, a microphone, a headphone and a listener.
>Developed and Premiered at Matralab Montréal.

Pelléas et Mélisande-Raum
Sound installation, 20 channels
After Claude Debussys Opera, directed by Barbara Weber
>Comissioned by Bayerische Staatsoper Munich

7 chnannels, 8 min
Site-specific composition for SeaM Werkstattstudio. Examining space, resonance, disappearing and remembering.

A city searches for a microphone
Interactive Radio Intervention
A microphone is hidden in the city, its sounds streamed live to the radio.
In collaboration with Lea Hohn and Alexander Pospischil
> Honorary Mention Bauhaus Essentials
> realized at lab.30 Festival Augsburg (Gaswerk) and Hörspielsommer Leipzig 2015


Mapping of hypothetical islands on the scale of 1:1
Stereo, 10 min
Electronic composition, all material gained from one sample (a picture file played as sound).
>Prize winner in the composition competition "Banc d'essai" (GRM, Paris) 2014
>Presented at Resonanzen Festival Leipzig 2014

A year's hours behind my father's house
4 channels, 48 min
Four time lapse sequences from a one year-recording project in Alsace/France.
>awarded with the GRAFE Kreativ Prize 2014
>Released at Impulsive Habitat
>Presented as installation at: POSITIONS (Berlin Art Week 2014), Bauhaus Essentials (Weimar 2014), Galerie Seitz & Partner (Berlin 2015)

La città addormentata
Stereo, 10 min
Soundscape Composition of Venice at night: rats, insects and the machines of the tourism industry.
> Presented at Invisible Places | Sounding Cities, Viseu (PT), 11-20.7.2014

Cranachstrasse 47
Audiovisual piece, 7 min
Examining the connection between architecture and light (Villa Duerckheim, Henry van de Velde).
Video by Michael Kugler
> Selected for Image & Resonance II, Cycle of Electroacoustic Visual Music 2014, Fund. Destellos (Mar de Plata, AR)
> Presented at Segnali Festival (Perugia, IT, 2014), Lichstrom Festival (Ingolstadt, D, 2014)


Stereo / Wave Field Synthesis, 10 min
Soundscape Composition of a dry landscape in west Argentina
> Winning piece 14th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva 2013
> Presented on a 96-channel wave field synthesis system at the AES Convention 2014

Haptic live stream installation
Wind is captured with microphones in San Diego and streamed live to ventilators in Weimar.
In collaboration with Jonas Koehler, Cornelius Waiblinger and Brendan Bernhardt Gaffney
> Presented at Bauhaus Summaery 2013 in cooperation with the University of California San Diego
> Honorary Mention Bauhaus Essentials 2013

Stereo, 27 min
Radio-Feature about darkness, crossing four different rooms
> Awarded with "Best Production" at International Radio Play Competition Hörspielsommer Leipzig 2014
> released at Buchfunk Verlag
> broadcasted at MDR Figaro and Detektor.FM


Stereo, 19:59 min
Radiophonic piece about the relationship of recording and rembering
> Premiered at Imatronic Festival / ZKM Karlsruhe (GRM Akusmonium), 1.12.2012
> Further Performances:
- Hörkunst Festival (Erlangen, DE, 2013), Musiques & Recherches (Espace Senghor, Brussels, BE 2013), Diskurs Festival for Young Performing Arts (Giessen, DE, 2013), Helsinki Music Centre (Helsinki, FI, 2014)

Acousmap: Lobsann, April afternoons
Interactive map with continuous sound


Stereo, 4 min
> Finalist in the Contest Europe – a sound panorama (Goethe Institute / ZKM / DRadio Kultur)

6-Channel Sound installation, 39 min
After Rilkes "Duineser Elegien" (with Katja Lehmann)
> Commissioned by Lichtnächte Festival / Eichstätt 2011

Kammer II-IV
Electroacoustic studies, 7 min